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PostSubject: MORE ALONG THE LINES OF UPDATE!   Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:08 am

Hey, I believe and fully trust myself, that this forum has died and will not restrict! Therefore, I shall advertise Gaia and Ernya! I am Taiwan for most of Gaia and I'm Taiwan for, what seems to be the only topic of Hetalia, Ernya! Come join me~! Oh and, I'm trying to recruit cosplayers for my event on Hetalia which will be taking place next year. Depending on if Italy can come to Canada or not. I'll be Taiwan as always and I highly suggest you to be a different character and to ask for which ones that are taken. If you have the uniform of a character already, I'll try, and mean it, to get the other one to withdraw or to change in Gernderbent!Hetalia or the famous Dark!Hetalia [*Nosebleeds*]. if you wanna join, find me on Facebook [Xueli Taiwan Formosa Zhou] and message me. Also, we will be doing a filming to promote Hetalia in Alberta [Cause Ontario and BC has a group already.] because not too many people join the events as Hetalia characters. Espeically when it's not during the summer. [Animethon was packed with Hetalia fans and cosplayers in which they literally filled the restraunt but because they were getting money from the cosplayers, they didn't have to leave.] All in all, join me in the Hetalia Alberta Revolution!



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